1. Soil stabilization without waste can be made
    The type and mixing ratio of the stabilizing agent can be selected freely according to the required soil characteristics and strength.

  2. All kinds of agent can be used
    You don't have to use only cement or quick lime, but you can also use other powdery or granular agent which diameter is smaller than 5 mm.

  3. Better mixing efficiency and uniform quality
    Uniform distribution of the stabilizing agent over the entire area traced by the mixing blades improves mixing efficiency, achieving a suffi mixing effect with less mixing operation

  4. Reliable control for operation
    Operation of execution is very easy because many control devices are composed automatically.

  5. The work site is kept clean
    Operation without water keeps the work site clean. Furthermore it seldom heaves the stabilized soil, so that the waste soil doesn't have to be disposed of.

  6. Safety and non-pollution
    The agent is completely contained and is not handled by human hands. Moreover noise and vibration are minimized, and it is relatively safe.

  7. Superior efficiency for operation
    As the mixing machine can move by itself, it is easy to change its position.And equipment such as the automatic agent feeder makes its operation laborsaving and highly efficient.